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My work presents an exploration into the influence of Pop Art on areas of Popular Culture such as Popular Music, Art, Film and Television, since the 1960’s. There is a particular emphasis on American popular imagery, and its capacity to guide and influence people’s lifestyles. This study investigates case studies that focus on works by artists closely associated with the Pop Art movement: like Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and Richard Hamilton, as well as more recent and upcoming contemporary artists, like Jeff Koons. I discuss the implementation of Postmodern creative strategies in Popular music, such as the Intertwining of Music Styles from artists like the Beatles’. Within the analysis I explore Pop Art’s iconic appeal, contemporary debates and trends of the elevation of everyday subjects and whether it is in fact ‘high art’. The paper also provides an examination of Youth culture and considers the pressures that may be created by a constantly evolving Popular Culture, which effects are intensified by social media. It results in a written discussion and exploration of the Socio-Political and Historical Context of the Artists and their Artwork.

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