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Artist Statement

In the mainstream media, the aspects of attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and tastes define the people in our Society. This is relevant now more than ever; with advancing technology we are drawn ever closer by omnipresent media. My work is an exploration of Popular culture and Postmodernism. Using diverse media, oil and acrylic paint to magazine clippings, I chiefly create portraits that are characteristic of the Pop Art movement, denoting that instantly recognisable, gimmicky aesthetic. I incorporate bright and lively, bold colours which are visually stimulating. My recent work in collage conveys isolated facial features, where the composition is unique, set up high and off-centre. The decorative 'frames' around them provide clues to identity of the iconic celebrity. Through the process of appropriating magazine imagery, I hope to comment on society's excessive use of airbrushing and Photoshop techniques inflicting on definitive notions of beauty ideals and challenge these stereotypes.

Statement: Bio
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